Hi there, thank you for visiting my website and here a brief introduction about me.

My name is Eka Trisno Samosir, Indonesian. Now, I’m taking a private class to learn this instrument. I try to share everything I know and got from my class in this website. English is not my tongue language of course, so probably most of my articles will be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Well, I’m still a beginner and honestly sometimes I think I should stop this practice because playing violin is not as easy as what I’ve seen. Sometimes, I came to my teacher with this issue but then he always tries to convince me that I have to be patient if I want to master it because it can take years.

So, if you are new in this instrument or you want to learn, you should promise to yourself first that you won’t give up even it seems there’s no way you can master it. Trust me, you won’t either realize that you already make a great progress till someone told you so.

Well, keep bowing then! :)